Saturday, December 26, 2009

Outside the Bubble

Sometimes we feel as if we are walking through life alone - as if everyone else has their sense of belonging and connectedness, and we have been shut out and forgotten. This seems to happen to everyone at some point in their journey. But sometimes an individual reacts to this in a way that, in the end, perhaps without realizing it, keeps that person isolated because of his or her own actions and decisions. I may come to realize that I am no longer being shut out, but rather I am shutting myself out.

Outside the Bubble

I watched the world
And everyone
Was in a bubble of glass
And I was on the outside

They smiled
They laughed
They embraced
They belonged

My face darkened
Hands pressed to glass
Why this separation?
Why this alienation?

My loneliness aches
The world's neglect stings
Why am I outside?
Why does no one care?

Someone's here
She's tapping on the glass
She wants me to come
out of my bubble.