Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have a Dream (And sometimes that's my biggest problem).

Father, my dreams are too big.
I want to accomplish impressive goals and build big programs
I want to spread my reputation and make news
I want to accumulate honors and accrue benefits

I want to hand over vast sums to the treasurers of your kingdom
But you want me to think smaller.
You want me to do the simple acts of love required at each moment
To lay down my life one moment at a time for the few people I know
To pass out the last few coins in my pocket each day

Father, my dreams are too small.
I want to accomplish transitory things,
Which will be undone only years from now
I want to receive empty words of praise and flattery,
Which will be forgotten by their speakers tomorrow
I want to receive all my rewards now, tangibly,
Which reduces my supposed belief to no faith at all.
But you want me to think bigger.
You want to take the small ripples of love that spread from my life and push them
until they swell into waves that crash on the shore of Your everlasting kingdom.
You want me to trust defiantly in the Giver of hope
in the face of the stifling darkness of the world that overwhelms the unregenerate.
You want me to help fund the greatest movement in history,
As you make a dollar out of my fifteen cents.

Lord, help me to think smaller. And bigger.


Anonymous said...

wow. did you write this nate? i really like it!

theone withabeard said...

Guilty as charged. This is the internet they warned you about: where people take private thoughts from their journals and post them for all to see :)

Kevin said...

I <3 Nate Dawg!

faithbornfromdoubt said...

I > 3 Nate Dawgs.... take that Kevin!

By the way, great job Nate. I like it

Persuaded By Christ said...

Don't want to be guilty of being a copycat, but when those who have come before me have already said it so well.... I really like it! Very well thought out, very well said, and Lord-willing, very well taken and lived out in the lives of all those who read it... including me!