Sunday, March 15, 2009

A pause for meditation.

I would like to say I'll get up a "real" blog post during finals week. But, let's face it, it's finals week. I have been studying and meditating on James recently, and it made me appreciate the themes of this prayer I ran across in Valley of Vision. Here it is (with slight revision and redaction) for your edification:

True Religion

Lord God Almighty,
I ask not to be enrolled amongst the earthly great and rich,
But to be numbered with the spiritually blessed.
Make it my present, supreme, persevering concern
To obtain those blessings which are
spiritual in nature
eternal in their continuance
satisfying in their possession
Preserve me from a false estimate of the whole or a part of my character;
May I pay regard to my principles as well as my conduct,
my motives as well as my actions.
Help me never to mistake the excitement of my passions
for the renewing of the Holy Spirit,
never to judge my religion by occasional impressions and
impulses, but by my constant and prevailing disposition.
Give me a large abundance of the supply of wisdom,
that I may be prepared for every duty,
love you in all my mercies,
submit to you in every trial,
trust you when walking in darkness,
have peace in you amidst life’s changes.
Lord, I believe; help my unbelief and uncertainties.

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