Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What is spiritual growth?

I've contemplated over the past few years what exactly it means to grow spiritually. How should I evaluate progress in my Christian walk? At one point I evaluated my spiritual condition by whether I felt close to God and could sense his presence. But some times in life he feels very distant, yet I am growing in producing the fruits of salvation that the Bible speaks of: Christ-like character, perseverance in faith, and a worshipful attitude towards God (sometimes felt with awe and ecstasy, and sometimes acted on even though I can't feel it). Here are some words I put down pondering spiritual growth as change (conformity to Christ's image), steadfastness (remaining faithful even when life's circumstances harangue me with difficulty and doubt), and what Jonathan Edwards would call "Religious Affection" - a sense of wonder and joy over who God is and delight in learning his ways and serving him. Even if the artistry of the composition doesn't impress you, you can give me feedback on the ideas.


From the moment I first
Was touched by grace
My deepest desire
To grow, to grow

In moments of business
Dry spirit and lack
My vision is blurred
What is it to grow?

To be touched by love
By the Spirit conformed
To Christ's pure traits
To change, to change

To stay on the course
Enduring with strength
When all fall away
To remain, to remain

To relish the sight
Of his glory and grace
Delight in his wonder
To be amazed, amazed

When character changes
When faith stays the same
When hearts overflow
To grow, to grow

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