Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quotable (part 1)

Okay, it's week seven of the quarter at NBS, and something I've learned about dealing with the pressure of seminary is that it's good to stop and laugh. So here are some quotes I ran across as I reviewed theology notes for an assignment the other day. These are the kinds of things that don't get into the actual body of the notes, they just come out in verbal form and I scribble them down because they're classic: either for humor or profundity. The source for part 1 of this series is Dr. Willsey. Here are some of my favorites - if you have more, please post them in the comments.

On the humorous side of the dial:

“We need a few good heretics around to keep us thinking.”

“If we keep improving on what we’re doing, someday we’ll get to the point of simple ignorance rather than profound ignorance.”

“Think of theology as a sport in which there are no timeouts and no end to the game.”

On understanding the topic of God’s plan: “If you ever feel satisfied, there’s something wrong with you.”

“That’s why I don’t write: I don’t want my contradictions to be in print.”

“I will defend my ‘am-ness’ all day long.”

On the question of why God created angels: “Maybe God just enjoys having a lot of beings around that don’t ask a lot of questions.”

Sometimes these things aren't planned, they just come out in passing, like here: “Last night I was looking up the word ‘homonculus’…”

Oh, yeah, I think about that word all the time...

And a few more that tend toward profundity:

“Once you’ve made a wise decision, don’t ever look back. There’s always some reason you can wish you’d made a different choice.”

“When I am thankful, I agree with God that the way things are is the way they ought to be.”

“People get really excited about miracles and forget that every breath they take is an act of God’s providence and deserves thanks.”

“The best way to get rid of an enemy is to turn them into a friend.”

Thanks for the laughs and the wisdom, J-dub.

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VentiAmericano said...

How about:
"I've been disengrousetated" (Dr. Vreeland


"Is there any indication to you that any two neurons in the king's [the king in Esther] brain are connected?"
(also Dr. Vreeland)

We really do have funny profs!