Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quotable (part 2)

Dr. Vreeland has been a great source for witticisms and colorful commentary in every class I've taken with him. Here are a few I liked:

The creative, pessimistic, and humorous:
“Remember the difference between [Ezra] and Nehemiah: Ezra pulls out his own beard, while Nehemiah pulls out theirs.”

“I can spend the rest of my life sitting on my ever-widening, rapidly-passing-through-middle-age rear end without ever ‘lifting a finger to help with the burden’”

“Before sticking foot in mouth, it is best to untie shoelaces.”

“Why are you trying to unscrew the inscrutable?”

“For every silver lining there’s a dark cloud.”

“You’re having a fine dinner with fine china and somebody barfs on your plate: that’s an abomination.”

“My first trip to Israel, I didn’t know an Aleph from a swastika.”

“On thing about adopting a foxhole mentality is the bullets go over your head and not through it.”

“The glass is neither half full nor half empty – it’s shattered on the floor.”

“It’s like taking a shower in a raincoat: not much is accomplished.”

And the profound:

“God is interested in what he does with me more than what he does through me (I think).”

“If bad stuff happens to me, I deserve worse.”

“In God’s wisdom he takes isolationist, individualist people and sentences them to community.”

“It may be that your life is to serve as a warning to others.”

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faithbornfromdoubt said...

you can't leave out:

"Jacob is very... what's that word I'm looking for... ... oh yes... lugubrious!"