Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Afraid of the Dark (and the Light)

A Prayer I penned recently:

I am so afraid of my weakness
Afraid that in some moment
Blinded by lust
Gripped by a craving to be noticed
Threatened with truth’s consequences
Squeezed toward conformity
Allured by the fleeting
Seduced by comfort
Fancying that I deceive God
I will deceive myself
Neglect the carefully nurtured shoots of
Trampling them in clumsy haste
And be destroyed by my sin

I am so afraid of my strength
Which comes through brokenness
Dying to myself to find his life
Surrendering security for hope
Trusting a God known to wound
Forsaking recognition for obscurity
Neglecting comfort for compassion
Clearing out my dearest idols
My appetites will scream with longing
Subordinated to loving worship
My ego will scowl indignantly
Bruised, crushed, nailed to the cross
But I will be satisfied with the life of the Divine


Austin said...


Sabrina said...

Multi-faceted and descriptive. I like that.

Anonymous said...

very nice nate.

Anonymous said...

it's brenda btw...

Anonymous said...

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